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Do i need a wok

plus 8" Stainless Steel Wok Serving Dish #407wokss8 From $14.75 /Each plus Town 34742 12" Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Mandarin Wok #88534742 From $14.92 /Each plus Town 34804 14" Hand Hammered Cantonese Flat Bottom Wok #88534804 From $15.40 /Each plus Town 34712 12" Stainless Steel Wok Ring #88534712 From $38.90 /Each.

Of drinking age, I imagine, as this location is licensed for alcohol. Answered 3 June 2019 - Food Counter Attendant (Former employee) - Saint John, NB. 19 or older. What is the overall interview experience at Wok Box Fresh Asian Kitchen like? Learn more about interviews at Wok Box Fresh Asian Kitchen. Add an answer.

Accessories. It doesn't take much to get started cooking in a wok. Most woks now come with.

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Once it's completely dry, add a dash of vegetable oil and lower the heat. Spread it around, and push a paper towel around with a spatula to cover the whole wok as it heats. Once the oil disappears (and your wok starts to change color), you can let it cool, wash it, and repeat the process the next time you cook with it.

Since wok lids are domed (high, not flat like western lids), because we steam whole chickens, crab, lobster, smoke tea duck, etc. in a wok so we need a lid with height. Wok lids are at least 1″ to 2″ smaller than the diameter of the wok, so when ordering, description will read: lid FOR 14″ wok , etc. and we will send the correct size. Wok.

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